23.03.2018 | OTHER ADVICE

How to look after a chainsaw – this question is asked by its many users. Particularly those who use it frequently have to allow a time to check its technical condition. Looking after your chainsaw is not only the necessity resulting from the need to keep it in proper technical condition and limit its wear and tear but also the safety of work.

The drive system. Remember, the “heart” of your chainsaw is the engine. If it is in bad technical order you will not be satisfied with the saw as the whole. Pour accurately measured quantity of oil of good grade in the proportions recommended by the chainsaw manufacturer. Purchase oil in bottles with scale. You can also measure the needed quantity of oil by means of a syringe.

Air filter. You have to clean it and remove all wood dust. The more blunt is chain the finer sawdust and wood dust clog very efficiently the filter. At the same time air inflow is blocked, engine performance reduced, fuel consumption increases, spark plug is getting soiled, some problems with starting the saw appear.

Adjustment. Chainsaws have to be adjusted a couple of times per year. You have to begin with checking the spark plug condition and the air filter. Then adjust it according to the user manual. Our observations show that it is good to carry out saw adjustment when seasons change. Other settings are for summer time, and other for winter time. The temperature of air being sucked by the engine is a quite important parameter and in the course of year the changes may reach even 500C.

The cutting system. Before every longer cutting operations check the tension of the chain. The chain cannot be tightened too much neither too loose. Occasionally turn away the runner so that it undergoes wear and tear evenly on both sides.

Check the oil level lubricating the chain before every cutting operation. Make sure the chain is really lubricated. Some times it happens that sawdust can clog up oil inflow. You can easily check whether lubrication is really functioning. Start the saw, put it in high rotation speed, move the end of the runner closer to the wood block you are going to cut. With lubrication correctly functioning you should note that some fine oil drops spray from the chain. If after a dozen or so seconds directly opposite the runner the place is dry – it is a bad sign. Therefore you have to check if sawdust has not clogged up oil inflow, whether oil is in the tank, and the oil inflow is properly adjusted (do it according to the user manual instructions). Correct lubrication of the chain is one of the most important factors without of that your chainsaw will not function properly (chain not lubricated gets overheated, stretches, and gets blunt at an alarmingly fast rate!).

Because during the process of cutting wood a considerable amounts of oil escape it is worth considering ecological solutions. One of them is an interesting product called BIO FOREST OIL that meets the rigorous standards of biodegradability OECD 301. It is characterized by a very good, confirmed by tests, performance properties and does not cause any environmental degradation.

The good points of the use of the oil are:
- provides long life-span of tools,
- provides comfortable work conditions,
- reduces operating costs,
- perfect for the use in forest management,
- is featured with low drying, lack of sealing,
- muffles vibrations and noise,
- is featured with very good lubricating and maintenance properties.

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