Secure your house against fire.
Secure your house against fire.

When you renovate or decorate the house, you want to refresh it or arrange it according to your idea. When this considers e.g. wooden building, the lacquers are essential, which on one hand highlight the uniqueness of wooden surfaces and on the other hand properly secure them against, among others, fire. The UNIEPAL family lacquers are best suited for this task. UNIEPAL-DREW SPECIAL FR "”) is a lacquer intended for fireproofing the surfaces made from domestic wood and wood-based materials, such as: plywood, chipboard, or OSB panels. It can be used inside and outside of the buildings. However, it cannot be applied on exotic wood.

If you want to paint e.g. walls or other wooden or wood-based elements, which are the integral part of the interior of your house, with it, you should carefully mix it. Dilution of the lacquer is not advised. Apply the lacquer on filled, cleaned, degreased, and free of dust background. After drying, the lacquer creates a colourless coat and does not change the colour of the wood.

Similar situation occurs when you apply other lacquer from the UNIEPAL family L -UNIEPAL-DREW AQUA 1-K. on wooden floors or stairs. It is also flame retardant. This lacquer possesses a high hardness and resistance to wear thanks to which it can be used to paint floors, parquets, stairs, and even furniture. It gives all of those surfaces a beautiful satin shine. When using the UNIEPAL lacquers, you can acquire even better quality of the painted surface if you grind the first thin surface with an abrasive with the gradation above 240 after the said layer dries out. Use the lacquer in the temperature above 10ºC. Before starting the proper lacquering it is a good idea to paint a small surface in order to check the effectiveness, flow properties, or drying time of the lacquer.

For those, who would want to break the natural wooden decor of their houses, we recommend UNIEPAL DREW AQUA KOLOR the water-thinnable impregnate lacquer. It can be used, i.e. on roofs with covering made from shingles or wooden planks.

After its application and drying, the lacquer creates a transparent coat that changes the colour of wood. The technical condition of the surface should be checked at least once every 12 months. In case of damages, the losses should be filled whilst recalling that it cannot be mixed with other lacquers.

Choosing the UNIEPAL family lacquers gives you the guarantee that your house will be well protected against fire (e.g. a wooden wall lining with thickness of 20 mm and density of 450 kg/m3 that is painted with a layer of 200 g/m2 is rated as not spreading fire). In case of floors, the total fire protection is acquired after 24 hours from the complete drying of the lacquer.

Step by step

  • Floor preparation (filling, clearing, degreasing, and dusting off the background)
  • Testing - A small surface should be painted in order to check the effectiveness, flow properties, or drying time of the lacquer
  • Application on the whole surface- Control of the technical condition of the surface once every 12 months

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